Dr. Xun LI Like:
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Division of Science and Technology
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Dr. Li received his Ph.D. Degree in Geography from The University of Hong Kong, and now he serves as Assistant Professor at the Environmental Science Programme, Division of Science and Technology, BNU-HKBU United International College (UIC). Before Joining UIC, Dr. Li served as Postdoctoral Fellow and Part-time Lecturer at The University of Hong Kong.

In terms of academic research, Dr. Li’s research covers a wide range of topics related to environmental science, environmental management and geography. In recent years, he has published several papers on top international academic journals, such as Landscape and Urban Planning, Science of The Total Environment, Cities, Remote Sensing, and etc. He also owns a patent under approval by China National Intellectual Property Administration.

In terms of teaching experience, Dr. Li has taught courses about sustainable development in China for both Bachelor and Master programmes at The University of Hong Kong.

In terms of social services, Dr. Li serves as reviewer for esteemed international academic journals such as Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, Ecological Processes, and etc. In addition, he also served as GIS specialist and offered consultancy services for Lands Department, HKSAR.