Prof. Tian WANG Like:
Professor, Computer Science and Technology, Division of Science and Technology
Guangdong Key Lab of AI and Multi-Modal Data Processing

Prof. Wang received his BEng and MEng degrees in computer science and technology from Central South University and his PhD degree in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong. He is currently a full professor at BNU-HKBU United International College.

Prof. Wang was supported by the "Hundred-Thousand-Ten Talent Project" and Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Fujian Province. He was the chair of CCF YOCSEF (Xiamen) from 2018-2019.

Prof. Wang is one of the first scholars to study edge computing in China. His research covers a wide range of topics, including Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Mobile Computing. He has published over 200 papers in reputed high-level journals and conferences, including 20 IEEE/ACM Transactions papers, 6 CCF A papers, 3 ESI HOT papers, and 2 ESI HIGHLY cited papers (As the First Author). He has more than 6800 citations (H-Index is 41), according to Google Scholar. He has 27 patents and has managed 3 National Natural Science Projects and 4 provincial-level projects.