Dr. Siu-tai TSIM Like:
Associate Professor and Programme Director of Environmental Science, DST
Coordinator, Environmental Development Centre, WPEO
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Tsim received BSc and MPhil in Biology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, PhD in Biology from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Diploma of Early Childhood Education with Distinction Certificate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Dr. Tsim was serving as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Temple University (Philadelphia, USA) in 1997 – 1998 and Visiting Scholar at Trinity University (San Antonio, USA) in 2018.  He currently serves as the Programme Director of Environmental Science major, the supervisor of Ph.D. student in BNU-HKBU United International College, and the Fellow of HKBU-UIC Joint Institute Research Studies.

Dr. Tsim has a significant track record in the field of nature conservation.  Before joining UIC, he was the Head of Ornithology Section in the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong SAR Government (China), founder and manager of Fung Yuen Butterfly Nature Reserve,  founding convener of the Swift and Swallow Research Group of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, consultant of habitat management and ecological impact assessment.  Dr. Tsim is a strong supporter of the society, he serves as the Honorary President of Zhuhai Bird Watching Society since 2014, the honorary advisor of the Association of Environmental Protection and Ecology in Zhuhai City since 2021, and the honorary advisor of ecotourism education in YWCA (2010 – 2016).

As a scholar, Dr. Tsim has served as the editorial board member of international academic journals “Environment and Ecology Research” and “Innovative Teaching and Learning”, peer reviewer of “Journal of Cleaner Production”, and international reviewer of the Environmental Protection Fund of the Hong Kong China.  He has led and completed more than 30 research projects with a total of more than 12 million yuan.  His research interests include: species (birds and butterflies) conservation management, habitat and conservation area management, biodiversity survey, bird ecological research, seagrass ecological research, environmental ecological impact assessment, and public environmental education etc.

Dr. Tsim joined the Environmental Science Programme at UIC in 2010.  As a faculty, Dr. Tsim has engaged in innovative teaching and learning, for example he has completed a faculty development scheme offered by UIC (China) and Minnesota Private College Council (USA), he has been awarded for recognizing his application of e-Learning, and he is a key developer and course instructor of a joint-institute credit-bearing course named “Ecology and Bioconservation in China” with Trinity University (USA) which is a cross-cultural interdisciplinary experiential field-based learning course.  He names one of his top accomplishments as inspiring students to purse master or doctoral studies at world renowned universities such as University College London (UK), Johns Hopkins University (USA), University of Michigan (USA), University of Texas at Austin (USA), University of Pennsylvania (USA), University of California at Santa Barbara (USA), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of Hong Kong (China), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China) etc.