Dr. Min Hye CHO Like:

As a researcher, my research primarily focuses on the field of the sociolinguistics of minority group’s language education. My interests centre around Korean and English language education, various minority groups’ cultural and linguistic identities, and their multilingual abilities.

As a language educator, I have a long experience of teaching Korean as a foreign language to tertiary-level students at different proficiency levels. My teaching motto, “FAIL”, First Attempt In Learning, encapsulates how I wish to encourage students to try their best in learning, regardless of the outcome. I always encourage students to not be afraid of making errors and to remember it is my job, as a teacher, to fix their errors and to help grow the confidence of my students while aiding them in reaching their goals. One of my reasons for becoming a language teacher was the feeling of accomplishment upon observing my students grow and develop, both in confidence and in skill. I am always happy to play an active role as a mentor for my students including the previous students and in fact, they often contact me when they look for advice in regards to their learning of the Korean language, applying for exchange programs, and their degree pathway.