Prof. Johnston WONG Like:
Chief Student Affairs Officer

Johnston Wong, Professor in Social Work and Social Administration, started his career as a youth worker in Hong Kong. His early academic interests focused on youth and family work, branching out to psychological stress, unemployment and industrial social work.  In Hong Kong he participated in various district and central government committees related to youth policies, education, social care and hospital governance. Since 2005 he was involved in many post disasters social work interventions and become the non-executive director of the Social Workers Across Borders. In 2006 he joined UIC as a Faculty member and helped to design the Service Learning Scheme and Emotional Intelligence Programs as parts of Whole Person Education. Later he was appointed as the Chief of Student Affairs. He taught many courses like Social Work and Chinese Laws, Disaster and Emergency Management, Healthcare Social Work, Social Group Work and Crisis Interventions.

Recently his research interests included services for older people, social indicators and social integration, healthy villages and cities, social laws in China, disaster and healthcare social work.  He published several books related to disasters intervention, student affairs in higher education and services for the older people. He received the International Crisis Intervention Leadership Award from ICISF and the Presidential Award from ACPA, other being recognized as one of the Outstanding Young Person back in 1990 by TOYPA.