Dr. Charles LEUNG Like:
Assistant Professor

Dr. Charles LEUNG is Assistant Professor of the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences at UIC. Before working as a full-time academics, he was working as front-line social worker, as well as in various management positions of nonprofit organizations across the regions of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). He also served as part-time educator at the universities of GBA like Sun Yan-sen University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In addition to be trained as social worker, he is also holding the following qualifications: Accredited Mediator (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Kyoto); Certified Social Work Supervisor (Hong Kong); Project Management Professional (IPMP; PMD Pro).

As of April 2021, in the name of UIC, Dr. Charles LEUNG have published 5 peer-reviewed journal articles (including a SSCI paper), 1 online research monograph, 2 online program management guides, 1 online article co-authored with local social work practitioner and a junior colleague of SWSA, 5 (4 of them are forthcoming) book chapters, and 20 peer-reviewed academic presentations in either national or international conference. The research funding he received including but not limited to: National Social Sciences Project, Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, and Zhuhai Federation of Social Sciences. Dr. Charles LEUNG is now leading the initiatives for localizing an international standard of project management in social development sector. Last but not least, he is the only awardee of Asia and Pacific Association for Social Work Education (APASWE) Research Award in 2020.